Searching for Mana with Lloyd Wahed

How crypto is boosting financial inclusion | Teana Baker-Taylor, Binance

Episode Summary

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Episode Notes

This week, Binance UK Director Teana Baker-Taylor joins Lloyd for an enlightening chat about career progression, crypto and so much more! A financial veteran with over 20 years’ experience at companies like HSBC, Global Digital Finance and Coinfloor, Teana offers incredible insight into both blockchain and financial services in general.

Touching on everything from the importance of community building to tokenisation’s potential for financial inclusion, Teana and Lloyd talk everything crypto has to offer. Then they dig into Teana’s career to provide crucial advice: how to forge your own career path, how to take feedback effectively, how to find the right mentor and other valuable lessons!

Episode Highlights:

06:10: Teana walks us through her experience with big banks.

10:50: How Binance offers a customer-centric approach to blockchain.

16:40: Why crypto companies need to deliver on the promise of tokenisation.

24:55: Teana shares her vision of the future of crypto.

32:10: How Binance contributes to the growth of the crypto asset community.

39:50: Why it’s crucial to bring your authentic self to work.

44:10: Teana’s tips for finding the right mentor.