Searching for Mana with Lloyd Wahed

CEO & Founder of Root, Louw Hopley | Changing the Game in Insurance Technology

Episode Summary

In this new episode of Searching for Mana, we delve into the exciting world of insurance and cutting-edge technology. Led by our knowledgeable hosts Dan O'Riordan and Sachin Doshi, the discussion explores how the technical prowess of companies like Root is inspiring a new generation of insurance services. Louw Hopley is the CEO and co-founder of Root, an end-to-end digital insurance platform that enables the launching of new products and digital engagement channels fast. Root is based in Green Point, Cape Town, and Louw shares how this innovative company is redefining the industry not only in Africa, but in more places of the globe, such as the UK. He also shares his experience in creating cultural values and adapting them as the business scales up at a rapidly changing speed. ❓Curious about Louw Hopley and Root? Dive deep into their ideas here:  Louw Hopley: Root: Follow Searching For Mana to stay tuned into our latest episodes. Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: ✍️ We'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop us a comment with your opinion, experiences, and questions – we would love to bring them to our future episodes! 👍 Like this episode and subscribe to this channel if our content helped and inspired you! See you in our next episode!